And a Merry Christmas to you . . . .wow what a weekend!

      So what do you get when you play for a woman decorated with tinsel, wrapping paper and bows? Or for a number dressed up Santa Clauses and a drunk Grinch? One hellava weekend thats for sure! I always love playing this time of year when people have their Christmas parties and are joyful and full of cheer. When one can usually cut loose for that extra drink or two and have a good time. The energy is satiable and fervent always leaving me glowing after the night is through. We have been very blessed as of late to have a string of gigs that have been fantastic. Last Sunday December 7th we had a gathering of family and friends at Flannagan's Pub to celebrate the old mans (my father's) birthday. The place was already buzzing but no one there stood a chance compared to the wacky people I lovingly call my family. On lookers might have thought we were all mad as a March hare! Or nutty as fruitcake might be more fitting for the holiday season. Be as it may both the Roche and and the Durney clan have continually come out to support us over the years and we have always been beyond thankful. 

      Buckley's Irish Pub is always a good time. The diners enjoy a good pub menu and always appreciate the music and say thanks as they walk out after their meal. There are occasions however when there is something in the air as was the case this Friday. We walked in and it was a mellow atmosphere, there were plenty of people eating in the dining room but there were only a few at the bar. By the middle of the first set the place filled up and it went crazy from there. There is nothing like a night when the energy is a non stop flow of music. When it is so high that you cannot find a moment to slip in a slow song or take a breath. I love these nights. Not only are you warmed up all night and the adrenaline keeps you moving, but you get to be a part of the audiences experience and enjoyment too. Everything comes more naturally and you let go and hit certain notes or solo's you might be a little shy to try before. At least this is how it works for me. By the end of the happy hour the place was still hopping. Our friend Lou then gathered some more money and asked us to play another hour. The reception was amazing from this crowd and it left us with this insatiable feeling of wanting more. 

       And more we got at Flannagan's Pub! The beginning of this night was something out of a movie. You open the back door walk down a long corridor which opens to a large room with tables and the bar. Usually it is casual diners or the football crowd but this night I walked into a room of Christmas Chaos! It appeared to be a Christmas pub crawl and there were many characters there including a few nutcrackers, Santa, packages, boxes and bags (really I did not know you could buy a costume to look like a Christmas present) the Grinch of course and even good ole Charlie Brown graced our presence. To say the least it was quite a shock and there is nothing like jumping in the deep end the moment you walk through the door. It was a great way to start the night and carried on to be a great experience all around. There was a moment when the owner asked us if we could unplug and wander into the back dining room to play a tune for a private party. It was so well received and put a smile on our face to have one of those unusual and unique musical moments. 

       So now I sit at my computer writing to you, listening to the mellow jazz notes of Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas. My mind still racing after what feels like a music marathon and thinking of how lucky I truly am to do what I do and love every moment of it. And to play with someone who feels the same.  Still one more crazy weekend to go! Join us?


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