And a Merry Christmas to you . . . .wow what a weekend!

      So what do you get when you play for a woman decorated with tinsel, wrapping paper and bows? Or for a number dressed up Santa Clauses and a drunk Grinch? One hellava weekend thats for sure! I always love playing this time of year when people have their Christmas parties and are joyful and full of cheer. When one can usually cut loose for that extra drink or two and have a good time. The energy is satiable and fervent always leaving me glowing after the night is through. We have been very blessed as of late to have a string of gigs that have been fantastic. Last Sunday December 7th we had a gathering of family and friends at Flannagan's Pub to celebrate the old mans (my father's) birthday. The place was already buzzing but no one there stood a chance compared to the wacky people I lovingly call my family. On lookers might have thought we were all mad as a March hare or nutty as fruitcake might be more fitting for the holiday season. Be as it may both the Roche and and the Durney clan have continually come out to support us over the years and we have always been beyond thankful. 

      Buckley's Irish Pub is always a good time the diners enjoy a good pub menu and always appreciate the music and say thanks as they walk out after their meal. There are occasions however when there is something in the air as was the case this Friday. 


As time goes on. . .

     I know that these blog entries are few and far between. I always think about jumping on here and blogging about the great things that happen within our performances but alas life happens. The baby usually is still crankin and wide awake when I get home and the next day life goes on as usual. So I will as often as possible write about our experiences as of late and our plans and goals for the future. The last few months have been wonderfully productive. We have been busy and with that have expanded our repertoire and abilities. I am having so much fun singing harmonies and background along with some new lead songs such as Spooky and Step it Out Mary. I have been recently switching between my five string acoustic violin and my five string Jordan electric violin (my new baby purchased this summer) with Wah and other peddle effects have created some more versatile sounds. My set up is a constant living breathing thing which is exciting and yet also daunting as I am constantly adjusting and changing as I go along. 

   We set down some rhythm tracks to make a new demo recently. Joe did a fantastic job and has left me with a great foundation to add my leads. I am hoping to continue recording in early November. Once our schedules open up and time becomes more available we hope to continue creating some original music and eventually recording them as well. We have some new projects up our sleeves as well but I am going to wait before we reveal them!! But I can say I do see good things in the future for Kindred. 

A new home at Lily Flanagan's In Ronkonkoma

There is always a great feeling when you walk into Lily Flanagan's in Ronkonkoma. The freshly renovated restaurant is beautifully redone and in every corner you see a bright space that immediately makes you feel like home. We set up in front of the french doors in the main section. The doors are open if the weather is good. It is a great feeling to play with the sun shining on our back. The staff is fantastic and always attentive to what we might need. We both feel very comfortable working with this venue and are looking forward to working with them in the future. Check out our upcoming shows and keep updated to when we are performing here. You won't be disappointed. 

Welcome to our new website. . .

Hey folks . . .Welcome to Kindred's official website. We are so excited for the summer. Some new venue's and new tunes on the way. I am hoping to use this blog to post our experiences and news along the way. Here is something new. We are currently working on some original music and hope to share some with you by the time the summer roles in. Also new recordings of our favorite arrangements. Hope to see some familiar faces at our upcoming shows. Talk to you soon.


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